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Your Kickstart into a New Design CareerAt our new 10 week Academy, you will become a professional in research, design and management of digital products and experiences!

Our teachers have years of startup, corporate and side-project experience in everything design and product management. Our unique, hands-on approach to teaching helps you focus on getting the most out of these weeks possible. You will have front row access to so much knowledge and experience, which makes this a truly unique kickstart into your new career

What Makes Codaisseur Unique?A shared interest in each other and focus on preparing you for a career in design.

The Design Academy is a new concept of Codaisseur. Since 2016, we have been running a very successful Code Academy and we decided to do the same thing for digital Design (UX, UI, Visual, Product Management).

Design is a skill needed for almost any company and encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, communication, its services, and its products.

Job Guarantee

You will be hired as a junior UX Designer or researcher, Product Manager/owner or UI/visual designer within 4 months of graduation.

Broad Curriculum

Learn all about User Research, User Interaction Design and Visual Design. All that is needed to be an effective team member in a small or big company.

No Cure No Pay

We are accountable for your success. If you are not hired within 4 months, we bear your tuition fee.

Tough Selection Process

Students have to do a creative exercise, attend an open evening (dates are below) and have two face to face interviews before acceptance.

Broadly Accessible

No previous technical or design experience is required to join the academy. It doesn't matter which industry you studied or worked, every experience is useful.

Actually Affordable

You will always pay an €800 admission fee. Your (future) employer will pay the tuition fee of €9120.
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Come Visit UsBurgerweeshuispad 201, 1076 GR Amsterdam The Netherlands

Affordable Admission FeeWe work hard to make this course affordable to anyone

We work hard to make this course affordable to anyone. The admission fee of €800 is the best value for money you will find anywhere in the world.

We can make you this offer because we work closely with the companies that will hire you. Since there are already a lot of graduates that work for companies, and they also need designers.

The company that hires you will pay us back the remainder of your education cost - but only if you get hired in a real paid job. You will work for these companies directly, and you will choose where you want (and don’t want) to work.

Work together with codersIn close collaboration with the highly successful Codaisseur Code Academy

No online course or university with teach you to work closely with developers. The coding Academy runs in the same building, that means that most assignments, projects and sprints will be worked on together.

Working with developers and people with different skills set you up for success in any future company or with any project.

If you want to know more about the Code Academy, check out the full program below.

How we see your week to week schedule

1. User Experience Research Week

You will learn to dissect user experiences; become confident about generating ideas and to ask the right questions about users.

2. User Interaction Design Week

You will learn to convert data and research into tactile user interfaces and able to cooperate on a project with multiple designers.

3. Visual Design Week

You will learn to design emotional and desirable experience for users; leveraging text, colors, motion, icons and sound.

4. Week of collaboration with coders

You will experience collaborating with makers with another skillset (coders/developers) and based on a specific client/colleague briefing.

5. Advanced analysis and Rapid Prototyping week

You will learn to analyse products and services and spot opportunities for optimisation and significant improvements.

6. Creative Facilitation Week

Not only will you learn how to set up design systems, you will learn to to push great validated ideas forward in your team and organisation, becoming a design leader.

7. Startup Platform Project week

By building a product on an existing platform you will learn to work with what you've got. You will experience designing and presenting a digital startup; together within a team.

8. Individual Assignment week

You will experience to leverage all your individual skills so you can research, design and ship products on your own; this is your graduation product.

9. Real World Projects

You will experience working with a real client to design, building (with coders), presenting (findings, process and learnings) in an iterative process where you manage expectations.

10. Demo and graduation week

The last week you will demo your Real World Project to our partners and employers and actually ship (Product Hunt) your product and get feedback; you are then graduated from the academy.
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